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About Me

As a certified member of the International Holistic Medicine Practitioners, I'am a professional, experienced gifted adept, a Spiritual Energy Healer, & African Spiritualist, an initiate of Sekmet and Psychic. Offering a range of: Spiritual: Psychic: Holistic Health Well-Being, Healing Therapies & Development. e.g. Reflexology, Reiki Seichem 2 & Sekhem Master Level Aromatherapy Basic Herbs Consultations, Sacred Space Clearing and Libation Ceremonies.

I specialise in helping people to identify and achieve their personal goals for well-being. By helping them to cope with with issues that are causing them anxiety, stress and imbalance that can lead to ill health I am committed to the progress and success of my clients and I look forward to helping you.

Client Testimonials

I had a beautiful Divination Tarot and Sekhem Energy Healing session with Ashaaye, I was feeling very down and deflated and just needed some clarity and guidance to move forward, after being stuck for so long. She was very calm and nurturing and made me feel at ease from the first time we spoke, to the day of the session. Her advice and guidance has helped me to move forward and start to be me again.  I highly recommend Ashaaye thank you so much for your guidance. Kind Regards Nimisha Mistry


My name is Sheila Yieke I am 51 years old and a single mother, with 2 sons 16 and 18 My story, all my life my Mother was my rock, my shield and point of direction. I got into a marriage that did not end up the way I believed it would have, and in the process, I picked up some bad habits and negative energy. Do not get me wrong as an African child my mum was big on religion on and always reminded me of the importance of spiritual nourishment and divine intervention. And this was a strong principle when raising my sons.

Fast forward to the future my mum passes to the spiritual world in 2020 and I am directionless, defenseless, and completely broken!

I have 2 boys depending on me and nobody else to seek for financial and emotional support. (My brother Thomas helped a lot, but not as much as my mum did…Who actually spoilt me) Anyway I am actually going through life, just going through the motions, with no zeal, energy or excitement.

Meet Ashaaye.  This is the most important part because I get an epiphany and a change of spirit. Ashaaye is a good friend to my niece in UK. So when I come by she decides to organise a session with Ashaaye. Of course, at this age I am skeptical and nothing shocks much …BUT! To my surprise the 1 hr session left me emotionless, clear minded and a burst of energy and confidence I can’t explain! It was the most honest, authentic session in my 52 years with another person. No physical contact just words an aurora of hope and energy boost.

Recommendation.I want to recommend Ashaaye to all who read my story. You will not regret going to her for a moment of self-reflection and meditation. She has a combination of powerful skills, empathy and experience. She comes highly recommended and with full support. I can’t wait to get back home and, start a brand new chapter in my life thank you Ashaaye and God bless your wonderful heart. May the ancestors protect you and keep you on the right path. Asante Sanah Sheila Yieke Kenya

I booked to see Ashaaye for an Akashic record reading and I was very pleased with what I was told. She made me feel very relaxed and calm. I also felt the presence of angels during my session, which made it even more special. Ashaaye made me feel at ease just by the way she was talking to me, and I know for sure Ashaaye is very much connected to the spirit realm.

She also brought in some Sekhem healing which she felt I needed at the time and that was also very comforting. I have recommended Ashaaye to my friends as I have experienced something like never before. Then later that year, I booked Ashaaye to do a house clearing for me, which she did very successfully with her lovely colleague. I am so pleased that I found the right person to help me for what I needed at the time. Thank you so much Ashaaye….xx    Sunitta Sawant

I had a great Tarot Card reading from Ashaaye.  She was very thorough.  Ashaaye was highly recommended to me and after having the reading I understand why. Kind regards  Bally Kaur 

ASHAAYE is an incredibly talented and gifted healer. She is very in touch with her abilities and is great at reading people in general- whether she's known you five years, five weeks or 5 mins. ASHAAYE has been giving me spiritual and healing advice for years. She's a qualified aromatherapist healer and as such has a very in-depth knowledge about how the body works and especially how it's affected by energy. I remember, I used to get really bad colds-quite often.

 ASHAAYE recommended Echinacea and I can honestly say that it's the best thing since sliced bread!!!! It's an incredible immune booster that you will not find on your supermarket shelf. Over the years she has recommended various effective home remedies that tend to consist of herbs and essential oils amongst other things, depending on what you need.

ASHAAYE is also a gifted and experienced psychic and tarot card reader. I've been to various psychic events and met a few different people. Honestly some of whom should retire in my opinion- because they've either lost their touch or never had it to begin with! I think what sets ASHAAYE apart is the fact that she's so personable. She'll say hello, ask how your day is, how you are and asks you to set an intention. She'll ask you to envision what you want, why you're there and what guidance you need and set the right energy.

One of the things I love about ASHAAYE is that she's not only very approachable and easy to talk to but she's also an empath - she's able to completely channel what you're feeling and explain the cards in a way that make sense and from a few different perspectives which allows you to understand and process the information - and then apply where you need to.

I would wholeheartedly recommend ASHAAYE for anyone who's looking for some spiritual guidance. Anyone who wants to connect with their ancestry, anyone who constantly gets ill or feels negative/heavy energy. Honestly, this woman will change your life! Jo Odhiambo

I have recently had the good fortune of benefitting from Ashaaye's wonderful gifts of guidance and healing. Having had four sessions with her, she helped me not only rise in confidence, regarding an almost overwhelming situation, I'd been struggling with for over twelve months, she managed to accomplish this in ways, that encourage self-empowerment and a renewed love and confidence in self.

Once Ashaaye had utilised her own special and unique gifts, she then placed me firmly on my own path of self - governance. Her aim was to help me find my own way as opposed to constantly needing outside support. This showed me her sincerity because she is not driven by money or ego. Ashaaye is not only sincere and competent she also has a natural ability of helping you know that everything will be fine. She fills you with the remembrance of your own power and abilities. 

You know within minutes of meeting Ashaaye  that whatever you are facing, everything is going to be fine. Life will always throw challenges at us but having had Ashaaye show certain pathways, she has opened an awareness of me, that will be beneficial throughout my life. This is a gift that money could never adequately compensate for.

In these chaotic times that many of us are being challenged by, this in my opinion is Ashaaye's time. She is here being of great service, helping us navigate our way with confidence, peace and all importantly love for self and others. Ashaaye does not make you dependent upon her. Once she's done her work for your healing, she then supports your growth and abilities to empower yourself. With gratitude and love Camara Reed 💜 

Tarot Reading

I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical about tarot. However, through the cards ASHAAYE highlighted some issues and concerns I have been having regarding my health and future relationship possibilities. I picked the cards and ASHAAYE interprets their meaning and it was up to me whether I took onboard what they are telling me. I found ASAHAAYE to be a very warm, non-judgemental and honest. The reading allowed me to take stock of my life and make the necessary changes to improve my health and embrace the possibilities of a new relationship.  Ashaaye I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you! The reading helped me to take responsibility of my life and not give up on my health, which is improving, and I think I have found my soul mate.

House Cleansing 

I've recently moved into a larger 1930s house with my new partner.  New house new partner can be nerve wracking. However, to give us the best start Ashaaye offered to complete a house cleansing. Ashaaye burnt frankincense throughout the whole house to ensure all negatives were removed and then asked the help of our ancestors to replace the negatives with positives and love. Since the cleansing my love for both the house and my new partner has grown, I feel safe and protected and honestly look forward to the future. Thank you ASHAAYE xx Angela Thompson

Ashaaye is an attentive and gifted healer. The sound tonation and other processes she wisely facilitated had a profound impact, reconnecting and reminding me of the importance of care of self. The session created a shift of energy, reengaging my creative essence and deep appreciation for Ashaaye's presence in this time and space.  Thank you sisStar for continuing to shine in Love, light and richest blessings in all that you do. Love & Light Lois Mc Nab xx

African Spirituality 

It was an absolute pleasure when Ashaaye agreed to speak at African Spiritual Practices Conference 2022.

The theme was 'What is it to be human '

Ashaaye held the audiences attention from the beginning. Ashaaye gave a considered comprehensive explanation of spirituality, methods and modalities for spiritual exploration and led the audience in a short guided meditation. Ashaaye conducted an interactive Q&A at the end of her presentation that we all found useful  All in all she delivered a powerful presentation that left us in no doubt of her vast knowledge and deep personal practice. Akua Ofosuhene Founder African Spiritual Practices Events London

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A Holistic Approach

Help for Your Life


Advice Counselling Reflexology Reiki Seichem & Sekhem Healing Sessions

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my advice, counselling, or healing  sessions, you’ll learn about how to understand what is happening, to exert your power of choice, over whatever life may throw at you . Private Consultations in confidence available


Spiritual Psychic Development

On our journey of life we often feel the need at a given time, to learn, and understand, to develop further our spiritual, psychic knowledge. My specialist knowledge, experience and gifts, will help both beginners and more experienced practitioner/healers to have space, to reflect and receive what they need, to move to the next stage in for their growth. Individual or Group Sessions available

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Life Coaching Session

This service is a favourite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.

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“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

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